Learn Pirates of the Carribbean by Jarrod Radnich by lucien lu

Learn Pirates of the Carribbean by Jarrod Radnich

Starts Nov 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST

How to play Jarrod Radnich's arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean.

1.6 Million Views

With over 274,000 likes, there's no doubt this masterpiece of an arrangement by Jarrod Radnich is a crowd favorite.
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Want to go viral too?

I show you how to recreate the exact same viral piano video I made in this course. I break down the piece into 3 bite sized levels to fit 60 seconds.

Learn how to play Pirates in 3 Levels

How to play the entire piece

119 measures of virtuosic theme & variations.
"He's a Pirate" by Han Zimmer & Klaus Badelt

Watch the First Lesson Free

If you want to learn this piece fast, you'll need to know what mistakes to avoid, and how to count the rhythm. This is Level 1 - not for the faint of heart.

How to Practice Fast

I show you how to make progress fast with methods I've learned with over 20 years of classical training.

How to Hack Arpeggios

There is no doubt that this is a technically challenging piece. 

I show you how a piano performer would break down how to practice, and all my mistakes from the 1st repetition to the 1st perfect repetition.

How to sit on the piano

In 20 years of playing piano, I have not seen an ending as satisfying to play as this:

"Sit on the lower register of the piano."

Are you a self taught pianist?

The downfall of many self taught pianists is that they expect to play this piece at full speed in a couple months time. It took me 1 year before I performed this piece in public for the first time. Aim for accuracy in notes and rhythm. 

What use is an NBA player that misses their shots? 

Doesn't matter how fast you run, if you're not accurate and score any points.
Doesn't matter how fast you play the piece, if you're missing all the notes.

Doesn't matter how accurate your shot is if you can only score them at the free throw line.
Doesn't matter how many notes you play correctly if you don't play them on time.

Hi, I'm Lucien. I've been playing piano for 20+ years.

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